Handmade rasps 150mm or 200mm

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Half Round Rasp 200 Mm, Cut 5 - 020.011 52,90 instock
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Half Round Rasp 150 Mm, Cut 7 - 020.012 49,90 instock
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Flat Rasp 200 Mm, Cut 5 - 020.117 49,50 outofstock


The Italian  Handmade special rasps are the best quality and particulary precised hand-staked tools, very tapered and thin at the tip for the realization of artistic works such as violin making, where precise and accurate woodworking and finishing are required.

The notch of the teeth is uniform and constant up to the tip of the rasps. This allows them to be used for detailing and in tight spaces. The handwork, therefore the non-mechanical distribution of the teeth, ensures a clean job, free from the typical grooves of the industrially produced tool.

The handle of the rasp has been designed by luthiers to give a comfortable grip and precise contact with the tool.

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